tiistai 8. elokuuta 2017

More Than Words August Challenge

My Harmony is the nature.
I love planting flowers to our balcony every spring and summer.

This vine is called Cobaea scandens (Kelloköynnös suomeksi).

The moodboard of The Main August Challenge looks like this

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Wanda Hentges kirjoitti...


Janice Nicholls kirjoitti...

Beautiful layout...love the photo, design and the layering. Thanks for joining us at More Than Words.

Heike`s AugenBlick kirjoitti...

This layout looks so romantic and wonderful !! Your color choice is very beautiful my dear !! Thank you so much for joining us at More Than Words this month. Have a nice day. xoxo Heike

Nicole Doiron kirjoitti...

Your layout is absolutely gorgeous! I loved reading about your inspiration from the word HARMONY, but I would also love to read how you interpreted the creative challenge to add SONG LYRICS to your project. Thank you so much for playing along with us at More Than Words!

Merkku kirjoitti...

I didn't use any song lyrics mut i often listen calming music and especially this: "New Journeys"- relaxing music by Tim Janis.